Articulation Test Center update 2.5 is finally available with 3 new exciting features that will save you time, give you the results you want and safeguard your data.

Here are the details:

1. Articulation Test Center now marks phonological processes automatically
2. Add your own norms into the app
3. Backup your data and keep it safe

To take advantage of these new features all you have to do is update your app to the latest version for free. If you don’t already own this app you can download it on the App Store free and try it before purchasing the Pro version. It’s currently only available for iPad.

Auto Marking Phonological Processes

Now Phonological Processes can be marked automatically when an applicable substitution or omission is made. Hooray for time savers!

For example, if a child says “wabbit” for “rabbit,” and you mark the substitution by dragging the ‘w’ sound tile and dropping it on top of the ‘r’ sound tile at the top, the substitution error will be automatically marked as “gliding.” How cool is that?!

Here’s a quick little video showing how phonological processes are marked automatically in Articulation Test Center:

The following phonological processes are marked AUTOMATICALLY when this feature is turned on:

• Backing
• Fronting
• Stopping (fricatives)
• Stopping (affricates)
• Gliding
• Vowelization
• Labialization
• Denasalization
• Voicing
• Devoicing
• Initial Consonant Deletion
• Final Consonant Deletion
• Cluster Reduction
• Interdental Lisp (marked as a distortion)

The following processes will NOT be marked automatically and will continue to require the expertise of the test administrator to mark when the process applies:

• Deaffrication
• Affrication
• Alveolarization
• Depalitalization
• Assimilation
• Coalescence
• Reduplication
• Weak Syllable Deletion
• Epenthesis

Auto marking phonological processes is on by default. If you do not wish to have phonological processes marked automatically you can turn this feature off in the app Settings.

We always recommended that you use your professional judgement to ensure the automatically marked processes apply. If an auto-marked process does not apply you can simply swipe the process off of the substitution tile and replace it with the applicable process.

Adding Your Own Norms

Articulation Test Center now has the flexible option of changing the speech sound norms that the test results are based on.

You may have a set of research based norms that you are either required to use or that you prefer to use. Now you can add and edit norms within Articulation Test Center based on your professional preferences and research.

When you add or edit norms you will need to give the new norms a name, add your name as the contributor, and cite the research you are referencing before your norms can be saved and applied to the test results.

The name of the norms being used, contributor’s name and the research cited will be included in the results and in the final report.

For example if your therapy setting requires that you use the Iowa-Nebraska Articulation Norms no problem. Simply open the norms in Articulation Test Center, tap “add new” and enter the ages of acquisition for each phoneme. Then save your norms.

Check out this quick video on how norms work in Articulation Test Center:

When you administer a test you can choose which norms you want the test results to be based on, the Articulation Test Center (Default) norms or the new norms you have added. You may add as many norm sets as you’d like.

You can also change the norms for previous tests given by tapping on the “change” button located next to the name of the Norms the test results are based on.

Data Backup and Restore

Keep your data safe! Articulation Test Center now allows you to backup your saved scores, recordings, notes & student profiles so they are safe and secure. There are 2 options for backing up your data:

1. Backup to your iPad
Each week your data is backed up automatically to your iPad. There will be a total of 3 backups that are kept on the device. While it’s good to have your data backed up, it’s still not completely safe on your device. Devices can get lost or stolen. If that happens to you, your data is lost. To avoid this you will need to copy the backed up data file from your iPad to your computer. There is a tutorial video in the app showing how to do this.

2. Backup to iCloud
This is the best option for backing up your data safely and securely and it’s the option we recommend. Your data gets backed up to the cloud. This means if your iPad is lost or stolen you can easily restore the data to your new iPad from iCloud. It’s a safe, worry-free solution that’s easy to use. If you do it now, there may come a time when you will thank yourself later!

To backup your data to iCloud open the app, and from the home screen tap Scores > Backup/Restore > iCloud.

We’re excited to finally share these exciting new features with you. We know you’re going to enjoy using them so be sure and update your app right away to version 2.5.

If you don’t own Articulation Test Center yet you can try these new features and all the other great features Articulation Test Center has to offer for free by downloading Articulation Test Center on the App Store.

For information about all the features in these apps visit their pages on our website:

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Happy testing!