How To Target Phonological Processes in Articulation Station - Little Bee Speech

If you are looking for a good app to target phonological processes you will be pleased to know that Articulation Station does that too! Now you may be thinking,”I haven’t seen phonological processes on any of the menus in Articulation Station,” and you’re right. There are no menus with the phonological processes laid out and predetermined for you. Instead, Articulation Station puts the Speech Language Pathologist in the driver’s seat, knowing that each client is different with their own specific needs. Some clients may even have a very specific set of words that need to be targeted within a phonological process. If that’s the case, no problem you can customize Articulation Station to meet their needs. Here’s how it works.

To begin, select the multiple sounds activity button at the bottom of the home screen. This button looks like a speech bubble with a plus sign on the side of it. Multiple sounds can then be selected to be included in word lists targeting phonological processes.


For example, let’s say we are working with little Billy who exhibits the phonological process of stopping with the sounds /s/ /z/ and /sh/ in speech, we can select these sounds from the left side of the screen. Then we select the sound position we want to target these sounds in.


Once we have selected all the sounds, and sound positions we want included in our list we can press the “list” icon in the bottom right corner to edit the list further. This will allow us to choose the specific words we want to be included in the list.

Notice that all of the words are selected by default. Words can be selected or deselected by tapping each one individually, or by pressing the “deselect all” button in the bottom left corner and then selecting the words to be included in the targeted phonological process.


Here, we have selected the words we would like to practice with little Billy for the phonological process of stopping. After we have selected the words, we can click on the “save list” button and give the list a name.


This list will be saved under “Saved Word Lists” to access now, or later. Notice we can also come back and edit our lists from this screen as well. Select the word list by tapping it and then press begin to review the customized list.


The name of the customized list appears on the right side so that it can be identified during the therapy session.


The name of the customized list also will be listed next to the student’s score on their data sheet for easy data tracking.


Hopefully this helps you better understand the “Multiple Sounds” feature in Articulation Station and how it gives you the freedom to create client specific word lists for children with phonological disorders as well as children with other speech and language disorders. The ability to create custom lists in the “Multiple Sounds” program is a favorite feature among our users.

We hope all you fabulous SLP’s will take advantage of this powerful feature as you create lists to meet the needs of your students!

To read more about Phonological Processes, see “What are Phonological Processes” on Mommy Speech Therapy.